Our Artists

Ami Neshima has over 30 artists working with children all over Israel. Our team is build of celebrity artists and performers who connect with the students and help them fin their true identity.


Our Partners

It took us over a decade to penetrate the education system and show a better way for informal education. Today we work with the leading school chains and hand in hand with the IDF and the Ministry of Education

Our Vision

AMI-Neshima seeks to utilize a creative approach to awaken Jewish identity and embrace Jewish unity. We believe that engaging the next generation through arts and culture is the most promising – yet the most underutilized – means of fostering Jewish identity.

״The beautiful arrangement of life, every preparation for the intensification of a person’s aesthetic sense, blazes paths for higher lights to appear from the higher spiritual treasury, which flows without interruption, and desires to spread to its fullest in every place which it finds ready for it.”

Harav Kook Arpelei Tohar, p. 9