Jerusalem Young Artists Fellowship

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The need

Jerusalem is a city of 3000 years of history whose citizens are diverse in nature and representation.  In recent years there has been a negative migration from the city, mainly by young people who feel a void as it relates to their cultural needs and spiritual needs and their inability to find their rightful place in the community at large. Specifically young artists are not finding enough avenues to express themselves and relate their talents to the community at large.

AMI would like to address this issue by providing opportunities for young Jerusalem artists to develop leadership and the appropriate professional skills relevant to them and offer young artists direct avenues to apply the skills which they have learned in our Young Artists Fellowship Program (see below). The artists will  be introduced to ways of relating to their roots, as artists and  as members of the community, apply them to their special artistic talents  and discover techniques by which they can help Jerusalem city school students  in the areas of creativity and self-expression. These new young artists participating in Young Artists Fellowship will be getting an opportunity to develop new areas to actualize their professional skills broaden their skill sets  and work with the City’s youth.

Jerusalem artists fellows as catalyze of change

Through our strategic planning process, AMI has identified a community of young artists whose potential value to the community has yet been untapped:

  • By providing these young artists knowledge base about management, marketing, and booking we will enhance their ability to become more successful artists
  • Although these young artists already view themselves as a part of the artistic world , we will be able to help upgrade their value to themselves and the community by teaching them ways that Jewish content can enrich their music and creativity  and enhance their marketable value to the community at large,
  • By exposing young artists to the  power of music as a teaching tool and their personal potential  to service the Jerusalem community – a mutual beneficiary  they will be learning to give and receive in a win win setting
  •  These young artists are the next generation of leaders who will influence future generations, working with them will give us the ability to expose  new circles of young people to this innovative model


What we are proposing

AMI would like to partner with the Leichtag Foundation to formulate and offer a Fellowship for Jerusalem young artists which will include:

  1.  Three months of weekly instruction on the use of the arts to understand Jewish themes and values, leadership and creativity with an emphasis on how these topics can be specifically translated into hands on artistic workshops for Jerusalem teens.
  2. In addition to training young Jerusalem artists for work with AMI/Neshima in school settings, AMI recognizes the need to offer these young artists professional direction in their given fields. The area of hands on information for performance and career choices has become a very difficult one for all musicians.
  3. Three months as students teachers in Jerusalem schools working hand in hand with our AMI artistic staff members
  4. Assignments as full  members of  the AMI artistic staff in the coming school years
  5. A performance towards the end of the fellowship which will showcase what they have learned and achieved