Our workshops are offered to students, enabling them to reach into their creative side to explore what Judaism means to them. Below are some of the workshops offered to provide students with a vehicle for self-expression through music composition, lyric and creative writing, drawing and drama and aim to challenge the students to take an in-depth view in their Jewish identity.

Name: The Power of Melody
Taught by: Yehudah Katz

    There is an inherent force to a melody that goes beyond words. It creates a bridge and a common language for the soul of human beings. Through songs and stories we will compare the influence of words as opposed to the impact of melody in an attempt to create new meaning in our life. The students will be encouraged to lean back, and allow the melody to lead them in its journey rather than controlling and steering the melody.

Name: Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors
Taught by: Yehudah Katz

    Throughout the generations the Jewish people have found themselves divided, as a result of intolerance between sectors within our community. This workshop will deal with the origin of this conflict. By looking at history through stories and analyzing contemporary Israeli music we will explore values which are common to us all.

Name: Liturgical Poems: Atonement and Emotion
Taught by: Josh Lauffer

    The students enter a candle lit room, which creates an atmosphere of atonement and hear a mysterious story about souls and forgiveness. Throughout the process the students will learn different songs from slichot that repeat themselves in the story. After that they will be asked to express their feelings about the story and how it connects to their soul.

Name: Jewish Hip-Hop
Taught by: Roy Levi

    During this experiential workshop, each participant can connect to the traditional sacred text and phrases of the book of Psalms which have resonated and echoed in Jewish souls for hundreds of years . Their distinct sounds are expressed with a special and unique rhythm. Through a tune that she/ he helped compose, words become sentences which then become entwined into one long and rhythmic continuum.

Name: Between a Solo and a Minyan
Taught by: Nachshon David Karmi

    This workshop’s goal is to allow the students a sense of free choice of words for their personal interpretations of traditional prayer, and to experience prayer in the presence of other people. During the workshop the students will read hymns and try to interpret them and understand the thoughts that lie behind them, examine whether or not they feel they can connect to the concepts of prayer, and will then share with their friends in their own words.