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A.M.I.’s Israel programs focus on workshops for students and training for teachers, targeting four key groups:

  • Public high school students, aged 13 – 17
  • Youth at Risk in existing Youth Vilages
  • Pre-army students, participants of the Mechina programs, aged 18 – 19, who have demonstrated an interest in studying issues such as Jewish identity, Zionism and religion, and exploring their relevancy in today’s world
  • Educators and teachers around Israel

The workshops range from song-writing to lyric development, incorporating teamwork to help generate new perspectives on Judaism.

In the academic year of 2011-2012, we are working with 18 schools, providing workshops, and significant follow up to ensure that our goals are met. The workshops are held 5 times a year in high schools and 12 times per year in pre army mechinot connected to The Jewish calendar year, servicing more than 3000 students per year.

The schools are located in different parts of Israel, including Be’er Sheva in the south, Kiryat Bialeck, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Cholon.


Pre army mechinot include:

Mechinat Ein Prat
Midreseht Ein Prat
Telem Yaffo

Department of Education (heil hinuch)

Tel Aviv University

Teacher Training
A.M.I. offers training seminars for teachers to help them understand the importance of integrating music as an education tool as well as how to teach Judaism through the arts. With our programs for educators, they learn how to enhance and integrate Jewish study content into their school, creating a stronger and more vibrant atmosphere for Jewish pride.